New Fact Sheet on Operation Green Hunt

Fact Sheet on Operation Green Hunt

By Campaign against War on People

The following document is a compilation of information gathered through news reports in the mainstream media, government reports, and reports of independent fact-finding teams. It aims to offer as objective and non-partisan a view of the situation in the affected states, as is possible.


The Status of the Current Offensive

The Government’s (and big corporate’s) Economic Stakes in this War

• “If left-wing extremism continues to flourish in parts of our country which have tremendous natural resources of minerals, it will affect the climate for investment.” [PM to Parliament, 9 June 2009]

Padel say that the financial value of the bauxite deposits of Orissa alone is 2.27 trillion dollars. (More than twice India’s Gross Domestic Product). That was at 2004 prices. At today’s prices it would be about 4 trillion dollars.... That’s just the story of the bauxite in Orissa. Expand the four trillion dollars to include the value of the millions of tonnes of high-quality iron ore in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and the 28 other precious mineral resources, including uranium, limestone, dolomite, coal, tin, granite, marble, copper, diamond, gold, quartzite, corundum, beryl, alexandrite, silica, fluorite and garnet. Add to that the power plants, the dams, the highways, the steel and cement factories, the aluminium smelters, and all the other infrastructure projects that are part of the hundreds of MoUs (more than 90 in Jharkhand alone) that have been signed. That gives us a rough outline of the scale of the operation and the desperation of the stakeholders.’ (Outlook, 9 November 2009)

Table: Agreements Signed between 1997- 2002

CompanyMineralsArea (in sq km)District/StateYear of Approval
BHP Billiton (Australia)copper, lead2,532.14Tonk, Ajmer, Bundi, Bhilwara/Rajasthan1997
BHP Billitoncopper, lead2,637.58Tonk, Sawai, Madhopur and Bundi/Rajasthan1997
BHP Billitoncopper, lead903.84Bhilwara/Rajasthan1997
Phelps Dodgecopper2,472Singhbhumi (east) & Singhbhumi (west)/Bihar1998
AustralianIndian Resources (AIR)gold, copper2, 692.30Sonbhadra/UP1998
BHP Billitoncopper568, 389Bhiwani, Mohindergarh/ Haryana1999
Admas Indiadiamond1,966.22Bellary, Chitradurga/ Karnataka2000
ACC Rio Tintodiamond2,480Chitradurga, Tumkur, Bellary,Devanagere/Karnataka2000
Phelps Dodge (US)copper963.585Lalitpur/UP2000
Hutti Gold Minesgold2,240Bagalkot/Karnataka2000
De-Beers (SA)gold300,2,333, 843Kurnool, Anantapur, Prakasham/Andhra Pradesh2000
Phelps Dodgecopper2,770,2,565Cuddapah/Andhra Pradesh2000
NMDC Indiadiamond2,300Anantapur/Andhra Pradesh2000
ACC Rio Tintodiamond1,202.6Raichur, Bellary/Karnataka2001
Phelps Dodges explorationcopper, gold1,869East Singhbhumi/Jharkhand2002
IndophilResources Explorationgold3,453Belgaum, North Kannada, Dharwad, Haveri and Gadag/ Karnataka2001
Anglo-American Explorationcopper, nickel2,487Guntur/Andhra Pradesh2002
DeBeersdiamond2,000Nawarangpur/OrissaApril 19,2002
DeBeersdiamond2,000Nuapada, Bolangir/OrissaApril 19,2002
DeBeersdiamond2,000Kalahandi, Nawarangpur/ OrissaApril 19,
DeBeersdiamond1,733Kalahandi, Bolangir, Nuapada/OrissaApril 19,2002
Anglo Americanlead, zinc453RajasthanMay 20, 2002
DeBeersdiamond679Andhra PradeshMay 20, 2002
BHPnickel, cobalt, gold2,293Narasinghpur, Hoshangabad, Chhindwara/Madhya PradeshMay 31,2002
ACC Rio Tintodiamond, gold2,450Chhatarpur, Sagar, Dmoh, Tikamgarh/Madhya PradeshJune12,2002
Anglo-Americancopper, nickel2,701Andhra PradeshJune 26, 2002
ACC RTZdiamond3,000Dhamtari, Mahasamund/ ChhattisgarhJuly 30, 2002
DeBeers*diamond9,000Raipur, Mahasamund, Kanker, Jaspur, Durg/ ChhattisgarhJuly 30, 2002
ACC RTZ**diamond, gold5,200Madhya PradeshOctober 24, 2002
ACC RTZ*diamond3,000ChhattisgarhOctober 28, 2002

* in three separate projects, ** in two separate projects

(Debaranjan Sarangi, ‘Mining “Development” and MNCs’, EPW Commentary, April 24, 2004)

The Current Socio-Political Situation

State Violence

Excerpts from the Report of the Expert Group on “Development Issues to Deal with Causes of Discontent, Unrest and Extremism”

For 30 years in places like Chhattisgarh, there have been Naxals. Why is the situation now being made to sound like there is this huge upsurge? The real fact is...that it is the Government that wants a war to clear out the forest areas because there is a huge backlog of MoUs in Jharkhand as well as Chhattisgarh that are not being activated. (Arundhati Roy, interview with CNN-IBN, October 21, 2009)