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"Angela Sontakke was assaulted and mercilously beaten by Nagpur jail staff."

Angela Sontakke, arrested from Mumbai on 24th April 2011 along with 4 young girls who were student activists and two boys from Pune, for having links with Maoists and charged under UAPA, is an undertrial.  Angela and the four girls are currently lodged in Byculla women's jail under the judicial custody of the 13th Sessions Court at Sewri.


Angela has a number of other cases foisted on her, and whenever the production warrant is issued for her to be produced in a particular court, a police escort is deployed to take her from Byculla jail to that court. It was for questioning the jail authorities as to why she was not taken for production to a court when a production warrant had been issued that Angela was brutally assaulted by jail staff of Nagpur Central Jail on 17th October.

The illegal actions of the Nagpur jail authorities has followed on the heels of the abduction of Arun Ferreira from within the jail premises while he was being released on 27th September.

Angela was taken by police escort to Nagpur on 11th October as per a production warrant for that date for a trial going on in Nagpur. She was kept back in Nagpur jail as she had another court date in Nagpur on 14th October. She was to be returned to Byculla jail after this as the next date before the Sewri Sessions Court was 15th October. However, despite the fact that escort party had come to take her to Mumbai, the Nagpur jail authorities did not send her for reasons best known to them and the escort party was sent back because of which she could not attend the Sewri court on the 15th.

The next production warrant was for her to be produced in Kurkheda court on the 17th. She requested the Nagpur jail authorities to ensure that she was sent to court on that date. However, on that date also, she was not taken to court. She was enquiring with the jail authorities from 17thmorning and she was told that the police escort is arriving to take her. However, she was not sent to court on that day either. To protest her non-production on two court dates on 15th in Sewri, Mumbai and 17th in Khurkheda, Gadchiroli, she sought an explanation from the Jail Superintendent as she was about to be locked up in Barrack No 16.

At this, the Jail Superintendent Mr. Sali ordered 2 women jail staff, Pallavi Karande and Daruna Davre to assault Angela and she was mercilessly beaten by them. She was kept in a separate barrack for 3 more days. Despite cuts and bruises, she was not taken for a medical checkup even after her repeated requests to the Jail CMO Dr. Jasmine Mulani.  Angela was on a hunger strike from the 17th October onwards till she was brought back to Mumbai on 21st October for not being produced in court on two dates, for the brutal assault on her and for not being taken for a medical check up by the jail authorities. Thirteen women prisoners of Barrack 16 who witnessed the assault on Angela too observed a one day hunger strike on 18th October.

On 21st October, when she was returned to Byculla jail, she gave an account of the injustices heaped on her to her lawyers who visited her. Her lawyers are planning legal action against the jail authorities.

Meanwhile 130 political prisoners lodged in Nagpur jail have announced a one-day hunger strike on Monday, 24th October, 2011 to protest the merciless beating of Angela Sontakke by Nagpur jail staff on 17th October, 2011.